Just Say NO to Opera 15 Upgrade

Worlds Fastest Browser Crippled

I have been reading a lot about the newest version of Opera, and it doesn't look good, so I made a pros and cons list to help me decide.

I have the Nook by Barnes and Noble, that used to have Safari as its default browser. It was slow and buggy. I wanted Opera. Then Nook became Android compatible, and it switched its default browser to Chrome. A little less buggy, but still slow as molasses. Good thing though, with Google Play, I was able to download and install my favorite browser – Opera. Opera Mobile is fine, and I don't expect it to have all the features that a desktop does because, well, it's not a desktop. But, I expect the desktop version of Opera have all the bells and whistles I need.

I have been using Opera Desktop since version 3 – that's a heck of a long time. The picture is 7 years old, when our cat, Rolo, found out how to get to Speed Dial, all by himself. I always upgrade to the latest version, but this new one coming out, Opera 15, is missing a lot of things that are very important to me.

Missing Features

What's Missing in Opera 15
Feature Replacement Acceptable Not Acceptable
Integrated Mail Client The integrated mail client has been replaced with a stand alone mail client, but it is just that – only for mail. It loses support of RSS and news, both of which I use. 0 1
Bookmarks Bar The Personal bookmarks bar is missing. Are you kidding me?!?!? I depend on my personal bookmarks bar. I have hundreds if not thousands of bookmarks all categorized where I want them. 0 1
Notes Since Opera 15 is using the Chromium Webkit engine instead of Presto, it can use Chrome extensions. I have lots of notes that I use quite frequently. Do I want to use Chrome's? No. I want an upgrade that takes everything from the last browser to the next. 0 1
Speed Opera was always the fastest browser on earth. Chrome in my experience, is a resource hog. That means the new Opera would probably be as well, if mail had been included in the browser. That's probably why Opera decided to port the mail client out separately. Even so, I can see without even testing it that Opera is going to be a snail. 0 1
Mouse Gestures Are you KIDDING me? Mouse gestures are the main reason I switched to Opera back in version 3. I know that Chrome has a gesture extension, but it is like Kindergarten compared with Opera's University. 0 1
Totals: 0 5


So, based on the table above, I have disabled automatic updates in Opera. I will wait patiently until the nice folks at Opera come to their senses and make Opera the great browser that it used to be. I don't think Rolo would like it either – he may just decide to piss on my keyboard!


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