Gotta Rant! Gotta Rant! Reading vs. Youtube

I am getting tired of people being too damn lazy to write, and instead they sit in front of a web cam and talk. This is particularly annoying when you are trying to find a solution to a problem, and you may:

  1. Not understand what the person is saying (they need elocution lessons)
  2. Not understand because the video is not in your native tongue and there is no Google translate for video
  3. Not have no sound available
  4. Not want to turn up the sound (like you're at work and don't want anyone to know you just screwed up)
  5. Not want to turn up the sound (you don't want disturb others)
  6. … and the list goes on

I think Youtube is great if you want to listen to something, or watch how something is made when words are difficult to describe the process, like how to tie a Windsor knot. However, if a video is instructive there should also be a text transcript available for reading.

I was visiting Opera Tech Break- Dragonfly Eats Bugs, and here is a very nice gentleman talking about Dragonfly and some neat things you can do with it, and he shows you how to do it quickly, but it just wasn't enough information. At the end of the video, he says that he was reading from a script! Well, that script should have been included in the blog post so that you could read more about it, follow links that would help explain it better, etc.

Okay, rant over! I have to take my son to school.


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