End of the Year–End of an Era

Holy Family Catholic Community is not going to have Religious Education on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, only on Sundays from now on. Today was the very last Wednesday class, and Spane got his certificate for graduating the 2010-2011 Year 2 course.  This was the course that was required for him to have his First Communion.

A lot of parents and teachers are worried about having classes only on Sunday now.  The good thing about having it during the week was that families could go out of town on the weekend.  Since you can go to any Catholic church for Mass, you can still fulfill your obligation by going to another church.  However, Religious Education is another matter – you can’t just go to another parish, it’s not like Bank of America or something.

My friends, have a son who attends Religious Education on Sundays, and they say it works out just fine.  Of course, their son did not go on the 15th of May, 2011 because he was attending Spane’s First Communion.  He had his last year.

Well, we will see how it works out.  I’m getting Spane registered right away, after all, the road to Confirmation is hard and not that far away – six years go by really fast.

And now, to make matters worse, I’m trying to scan the lovely graduation certificate, but it’s jamming my sheet fed scanner.  Looks like I’ll have to bring it over to my friend’s house who has a flat bed.  Oh well!


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