Shakey’s Remembered

I love to rediscover places. Years ago, in the early 80's, when I lived in Hollywood, we used to go to the local Shakey's a lot. I remember it being quite good.

When Spane was about two years old, I took him to the Shakey's in Glendale. By that time, I had decided I did not like meat on my pizza, and when we went to that Shakey's I ordered a "Margarita" pizza. It was HORRIBLE! The meager cheese wasn't melted, the tomato tasted like cardboard, and I don't think they even put any basil on it. Done!

Then, just recently, I decided to give Shakey's another try. I ordered their Texas BBQ chicken pizza and and chicken wings. Surprise! The pizza was delicious and the chicken wings were great!

So, today, we were with Spane's father, Douglas, who really likes chicken wings. Originally, we were going to go to Porto's but Douglas wanted wings. Since it was on the way to where we were going, we decided to stop there. This time, we got the pizza, 18 wings and salad bar. Again, the pizza was good, and the chicken wings were great. Douglas, the great wing critic, was pleased with them.

Spane had a great time, and he managed to get a lot of tickets that we will take back and he will get play some more, or turn them in for a toy.


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