Opera 11 Alpha vs Gmail

Interesting issue with Gmail.

I don't know if this is an Opera problem, or a browser sniffing problem.

If I load Gmail in standard view, with Opera identified as Opera, I'm just seeing a blank page. Upon setting Style to User Mode, it appears that Gmail is still trying to load stuff, and advises to switch to "basic HTML view". Of course, then I can see everything, and Gmail advises me to "Upgrade your browsr for faster, better Gmail".

If I identify as Firefox, Gmail still insists on basic HTML view. If I identify as IE, Gmail says it requires Activex controls to be enabled.

Hmmm… seems it's a browser sniffing issue.


16 thoughts on “Opera 11 Alpha vs Gmail

  1. Originally posted by Young Druid:

    I have the same problem.Also I downgraded to a previous build (1055) and had the same behavior.

    I like 11, and I like Win7, so I have them next to each other in the task bar. Gmail is really useless in standard mode.

  2. The same here. Gmail and Google Maps don't work anymore with Opera 11 (tested on WinXP and Kubuntu 10.10)Everything was ok until 10-11 November.

  3. Anonymous writes:Noticed this also. Guess it must be something to do with some changes to G-Mail.I just wish the providers of these services would notice that there are users who don't use IE, FireFox or Chrome. I've been a long time user of Opera and love it.Just a shame that the compatibility isn't always up there with the rest.

  4. Anonymous writes:Just thought I would add that I've recently noticed this and It's driving me nuts.Sort it out Google / Opera.

  5. It's an ALPHA version of Opera. There are very few programmers that release alpha versions of their software to general public. Even beta versions are usually tested inside a closed group of people.Official and tested version is 10.63 and that's the version that should satisfy most people. But for those that want to test new features or/and want to help with bug testing, there are snapshots of newest versions on desktop team blog. Also, on the same blog, there is a warning in every post, a bright red, bold warning that states:"WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all."

  6. Yes, I KNOW it's an Alpha Version. Still, it's now my default browser, bugs and all. I particularly like the extensions, and the fact that Flash "does not speak until spoken to".

  7. Bos writes:To solve this issue, go to menu/setting/preferencesselect advanced tab/cookies then Menage Cookies buttondelete all cookies manually then restart browser and your gmail will be as it was before…I hope this will help someone!:::

  8. Anonymous writes: No this is BETA 11 and it still asks for switching to basic mail.. Then Gmail lists browsers that are supported, and Opera is not among them.. I believe Gmail wants to load content that Opera would rather not, but.. NOT loading Gmail in standard mode is a non starter, without it, I can't use this wonderful browser, want to, but can't.

  9. I have the same problem.Today, when I open OPERA it's auto up-grade to 11.01 [I use window XP]and gmail doesn't work!! it's always suggest me to use HTML version that is quite useless.I really love Opera and Gmail too.and it's never have any problem until today*SO SAD*

  10. I saw this gmail problem with 11.01 too, it would only load the basic HTML view. Deleting all the *.google.com and *.google.co.uk cookies and restarting did not help.Installing Opera 11.00 has fixed the problem.XP Pro SP3

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