Proposed Glendale Beeline Changes

I would like to make a few comments on the some of the proposed Glendale Beeline changes.

Regarding Line 4 that travels on Chevy Chase, please understand that on weekends there is no other mode of public transportation. The MTA Line 183 does not run in Glendale on Saturday and Sunday, and during the week, it only runs every hour. If that line is canceled on Sundays or first/last trip is canceled, the closest MTA line is the 90/91 on Glendale Avenue, a little under a mile away. That’s a long way, especially for some of the more senior passengers. Although ridership may be a little low, it is essential for those who would like to visit houses of worship, shop, etc.

Regarding Line 2 – Rick Caruso had a brilliant idea. Provide quick, free service from Monterey Road to the Americana from 11:00am to 2:30pm . Why? Because the Beeline runs every 20 minutes. The MTA 92 that travels up and down Brand comes only every 25 minutes. The Trolley comes every 10 minutes. Glendale has a lot of people coming in from other cities on the train or bus, so those people didn’t bring their car to work. Say you have an hour for lunch, and you work at Nestle, and you would like to go to the Jewel City Diner for lunch. Your lunch hour starts at noon, the Beeline stops there at 12:01, which you would probably miss. The MTA 92 is at 12:09. If you miss that bus, the next are the Beeline is at 12:21, and the next MTA is at 12:34. So it takes about 9 minutes to get to the Americana. Now, to get back to work, you would have to be on the 12:43 Route 2 bus to be back on time to work, or if you were running late, the 12:46 line 92. If you missed the 12:09 MTA, you could not go to lunch, because you would get to the Americana just in time to have to get the returning bus.

Why make the Brand bus run every 30 minutes? Brand is the main artery of our fair city, and it should be easy and quick to get around, especially if you commute into Glendale on public transportation. We already have enough gridlock on Brand. Why force people to have to bring their vehicles? Downtown Los Angeles also has gridlock, but they have the Dash, that comes every 5 to 10 minutes.

Brand could be a giant outdoor mall, and the merchants on North Brand could get lot more business, but it is hampered by a) gridlock, b) parking, c) slow public transportation.

The reasoning behind making the Brand bus run every 30 minutes is low ridership. Well, why do you think there is low ridership? Simple, no one has time to take a bus that only runs every 20 minutes. Increase the line to every 10 minutes like the Trolley, and guess what? Glendale merchants get more business, Glendale Beeline gets more passengers, Glendale city gets more revenue.

In addition, changing the start time on the weekends to 11:00am is a really bad idea. The 92 only runs every 30 minutes on Brand, and there is MTA on Central above Broadway. People like to get things on early on the weekends, so they can have time to relax later. This would severely impact a lot of riders, especially the elderly.

Just my thoughts.


One thought on “Proposed Glendale Beeline Changes

  1. Hey, I got a response from the city! Quote:"Ms. Boswell: Thank you for your input and suggestions regarding the Beeline service. I will have Ms Engel from my staff look into these suggestions and get back to you. Take care."

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