Unity Fest 2011 or Bust

This year Spane and I had Noelle and Ezekiel with us to go to Unity Fest. After going to Mass, we had donuts and home made tamales in the church patio, and then I decided we might as well walk to Unity Fest since it was only about a half a mile away.

That was a bad idea, because we decided to stop at the Americana at Barnes and Noble. Noelle is a book worm, and she was really in her element there. Ziek found some book he was interested in, and I read Spane three books. Then I said we should go on to Unity Fest, but first stop at the "sand box" so the kids could play on the bars. There was a vendor selling remote control toys, and Ziek was great at controlling them and entertained several groups of people who walked by. The vendor should have hired Ziek right then and there!

So, after the sand box, everyone was hungry and we decided to go to Carl's Jr., but before we could go there, Noelle realized that she had lost her hat, so we had to walk all the way back to Barnes and Noble, and luckily someone had turned in the hat! However, another half and hour was lost because we had to look at books another time.

Finally, we made it to Carls, and ate our lunch. We did not stop at the mall, just kept on going to Unity Fest. By that time it was three thirty, and I did not know that Unity Fest closed down at four o'clock.

Of course, we got there just as they were closing. The kids were disappointed, but Ziek was happy with a blow up hammer, and Noelle got a rubber band friendship bracelet, and Spane wanted to have some dessert. We were right there at Porto's so we waited in line – not too bad one considering it was the Sunday of Unity Fest. Everyone got what they wanted, and we sat down to eat. Finally, it was time to walk back to the bus stop and wait for last bus going home.

Of course, this is when Spane decided that he really was not happy that we had missed Unity Fest, so he decided to run off. Noelle and Ziek gave chase and finally caught up with him almost a block and half away. We had to pull and push him back to the bus stop, and got back to the bus stop just as the bus was arriving. We literally had to put Spane on the bus, and then he was threatening to get off at every stop, until the bus driver sternly turned around and told him to SIT DOWN. He did. By the time we got home, he was fine. Thank God!

Next year, we know that it closes at four o'clock, and we will not stop anywhere, just go there directly – 2011 or bust! Well, there's always Holy Family Grade School's annual Fiesta next Sunday, October 17, and I always find a treasure at their rummage sale. Happiness!


One thought on “Unity Fest 2011 or Bust

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