You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone…

I knew I had a wonderful cat, Rolo, but when she disappeared for two days, I was heart broken. I even told Spane that she was probably dead, because she had never skipped breakfast two days in a row. The only time she had skipped breakfast was when she got caught in the skunk trap – and the skunk sat outside the cage and kept her company until one of the IHHM Sisters rescued her.

I think Rolo may feel the same way, because she is more affectionate than ever. She did not even mind that much when I gave her a bath this morning. I was concerned that she might have motor oil or something on her, because she wasn't very hungry and smelled off.

I gave her a bath with V05 shampoo, and nice thick towels, at seven o'clock this morning, then Spane and I put Stuart Little on, so she could watch a "mouse" movie. She seems happy now, her coat is lovely and shiney again.


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