Happy Birthday Spane!

Spane was born at 10:08 Pacific Time on Friday, November 21, 2003 at Glendale Adventist Hospital in Glendale, California. He is a Scorpio with Capricorn rising and a Libra moon. This year, he turned six years old, and I wanted this birthday to be special.

Spane asked for a Barney cake – he has had a Barney cake every year. I asked him if he wanted Barney's inside to be red, purple or vanilla. He said vanilla, so I used my standard recipe. Birthday Sheet Pan Cake

If you want to make Barney's insides red, just add Wilton Food coloring (it's jell so you don't need much). Barney has also been a Red Velvet cake.

This year, Amber volunteered to decorate the cake that I baked. It looked fabulous, and was much better than the one I made when Spane was five, pictured at left Amber's Barney had a fondant face, and yummy butter cream frosting. It was quite the hit.

We had the party at the local park. Being November in Glendale, California, it was chilly, and being able to serve a big pot of hot chili made everyone happy. We had Big Five Pepper Chili and Sweet Corn Bread (see my post about Thanksgiving to find out what happened to the rest of the corn bread). Big Five Pepper Chili

The Gifts

Spane got great presents, including a roll up piano keyboard that I bought for him earlier in the year. Have a look at Spane's album for more pictures. He also received a Hobby Horse from my friend Joan, games from Amber and her family, books from The Sisters, and more books from Bonnie and Charlie. He made out like the proverbial bandit!

And The Party Continues…

I had planned two parties for Spane that day, one at the park, and the other at Griffith Park Observatory, which was having its monthly Star Party. We had never been to a Star Party before, and Amber and her kids had never been to Griffith Observatory at all. We spent time on the lawn observing the moon, and then went inside, saw exhibits, and then when we went up to the roof to see the big telescope, we were amazed because the moon was red. This was just after a lunar eclipse, so the moon was big and red, just amazing. I really thought that the observatory was doing this as part of the show until I realized it was really our own moon that was the red color. Amazing!


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