Windows Seven

Is this like The Magnificent Seven? I don't think so. This is more like the Malignant Seven, although, I am making my way around it. I'll be posting back later.

Update: So, I've been using it for a few days now, and I must say I am – impressed. Finally, Micro$oft did something right.

On my WinXP machine at home, I am using the Powerdesk Toolbar, from when it was owned by OnTrack and version 4. What I like about it is that all the programs that I use regularly are in a toolbar at the bottom of my screen, just above the taskbar. I hate going Start->Programs->Program Folder->Program – 4 clicks as opposed to 1.

Windows 7 has the task bar where I can put all the programs I use a lot. Finally, Microsoft did something right. It's about time.


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