Halloween 2009 was really a lot of fun. John Muir Elementary School was celebrating an academic achievement and had a picnic for the whole family on the school yard. Originally, Spane wanted to be Bob the Builder, but since we could not find his construction worker helmet, I decided he could be Norm Arbram from This Old House. This is Spane as Norm Abram, and Norm Abram as Norm Abram.

I did not think it was a good idea to have Spane going to school as his next character, and I did not wear the complete Cruella outfit to the picnic – it was still hot in October.

That is me as Cruella De Ville, and Spane as PeeWee Herman. We went to the Sister's and dropped off cookies to the Sisters and got a wonderful purple pumpkin filled with candy from them. Afterwards, we went to have burgers at Burger Habit (it really was good), and then Spane and I went to Barnes and Noble and I read Halloween books to him, and whoever wanted to listen. I had quite the crowd! We had a really good time.

Here's the recipe for the cookies:
Roll-out Cookie Recipe


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