Unity Fest in Glendale

Yesterday was Unity Fest in Glendale. This was the eighth event, and the first we had attended. They had a petting zoo, a pony ride, foods from all over the world, and entertainment from all over as well. Glendale has two sister cities, one in Korea, and one in Mexico. Officially, we only have those two, but considering the large population of Armenians in Glendale, I think that we must consider at least Yerevan if not the whole of Armenia as a sister city.

The first thing we did was take Spane to the petting zoo. Spane was a little afraid of the animals, and we just encouraged him to pet the animals. The sheep seemed to be following the children looking for someone to pet/scratch them. The goats were following children around looking for something to eat. There were also a few chickens, a black pot belly pig, and a rabbit. I am sure those animals were there because they were the most docile. There was one sheep that just laid down and waited for the children to come up and brush her.

Then it was off to get a pony ride. The first time we took Spane to ride a pony at Griffith Park , when he was about three years old, we waited in line for a long time (anything past 30 seconds is a long time when you're waiting in line with a toddler), and then he was too afraid and cried bitterly when he was put on the pony. We figured this time that he was ready, and there he was , happily riding the horse.

Now, here's a quiz for you all. What was the name of Black Beauty's best friend? Although I am reading Black Beauty to Spane now, for the life of me, I could not remember, until the lady operator told us that the little horse whose hoof is pictured has the same name. Check Wikipedia and if you still do not know, his name was (ROT13)Zreelyrtf .

There are more picture in the album.


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