A Day in HELL – Having fun with Yahoo 360

Just in case you are trying to move your 360 Yahoo account to Word Press, and you get into the same spot I did – the same fraking help page over and over again, and on the phone with Yahoo for 20 minutes, the solution is really, really simple:

1. Go to your 360 page and ask to download your blog
2. Watch your mail for an link to the data
3. The data is in zip format. Unzip it. There will be a text file and possibly an images folder.
4. You to your Yahoo account and set up Word Press.
5. In the Settings – Manage – Import choose Moveable Type and use the text file that Yahoo sent you.
6. If there were images, then use your FTP client to go to the appropriate folder, usually http://example.com/blog/ and create an images folder. Then simply upload the images in the images folder you received from Yahoo to the blog/images/ folder. You should be all set.

If that doesn't work, hey – I love OPERA!!!!


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