Problems Viewing Web Site in IE8?

Now that Internet Explorer is less fault tolerant, and more standards compliant, more and more people are complaining about how their website was fine in IE7, but
breaks miserably in IE8. Usually this is the fault of the tool chosen to create the web site, and not necessarily the author. Authors were given the impression that they
could use an Office product such as Publisher, Word, or worse, PowerPoint to create documents for the WWW. These are great tools for what they are intended, creating flyers, writing letters and make presentations,
but not for creating documents for the Internet.

Sadly, a lot of authors do not know anything about HTML, or CSS, or even why the errors their chosen tool generated are impacting their web site so badly. They know that the web site
does not work in IE8, and they are worried that they might lose business.

I feel for you, brothers and sisters. Bring me your broken websites, and I will fix them. Not only will they look lovely in IE8, they will be leaner and faster, and more
accessible to search engines and visitors who might be differently abled.

Please feel free to visit my website to find out how to get your website working in IE8.


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