Adventures Teaching in Glendale

No, I am not a school teacher, but I do sometimes teach people how to use the Internet, that is how to use it in a more efficient manner. For example, when someone says "Google is your friend", for me, they are preaching to the choir – but for some, since they do not know the right keywords, it can be a nightmare. Although Google is not a natural language search engine (and those who claim to be are still VERY far from being), natural language is still your best bet. Why? Because Google has something call stop words that it deletes. If you type in Where is a bookstore in Glendale? Google will reduce it to bookstore glendale and come up with results. Since there is more than one Glendale, it will also include Arizona and Illinois (there may be more, don't remember and don't feel like Googling). So you append CA to that query (and Google will have removed the stop words by that time), you will come up with Bookstore in Glendale CA.

I also advise using the cached version, simply because the keywords you are looking for are highlighted for you, making scanning the page very quick. If that's not the one you want, if the text is to small, too much Flash, whatever doesn't float your boat — out you go and on to the next result.

That's all for now.


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